Our Mission

“We are our client’s first line of attack and defense.
We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.
We stand behind and alongside our clients.
We carry out our mission by” :

  • Collecting and analyzing all relevant information that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s case and provides the foundation for guidance, decision and action.
  • Producing timely analysis and legal advice that provides insight, warning and opportunity to our clients in order to advance and protect their interests.
  • Speed, accuracy, determination and accountability are our guiding principles.


  • Service. We put our clients first and quiet loyalty is our hallmark. We are dedicated to the mission, and we pride ourselves on our extraordinary diligence and responsiveness to the needs of our clients.
  • Integrity. We uphold the highest standards of conduct and ethics. We seek and speak the truth to colleagues and to our clients.
  • Excellence and Innovation. We hold ourselves—and each other—to the highest performance standards. We embrace innovation and personal accountability. We reflect on our performance and learn from that reflection


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